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Nanrobot dual motors 800w*2 48V 18AH foldable scooter | Free Shipping

Nanrobot dual motors 800w*2 48V 18AH foldable scooter | Free Shipping

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NANROBOT LIGHTNING 48v800w wide wheel fat tire foldable adult e scooter 

The Lightning, as its name suggests, is a total speedster. With an impressive max speed of 30 Mph (48 Kph). This exceptional speed is accredited to its powerful dual (rear and front) motors that deliver a combined power output of 1600 watts. It is built from an aviation-grade aluminium alloy that makes it lightweight, durable, and safe.
This Nanrobot e-scooter model is surprisingly portable, and it’s fantastic folding mechanism makes it convenient when transporting your scooter through crowded places or carrying through harder access areas. This electric scooter can be collapsed into an easy storage size, for easy transport in the boot of your car, or simply for storing at home.

Product Paramenters
Dual 800 Watt brushless motors
48 V 18 Ah Dynavolt Lithium battery
Charge Time
8-10 hours using one charger; 2nd charger cuts the charging time to 4-5 hrs
Single-Charge Mileage
20 -25 miles or 30 to 40 Km. (real world results dependent on the weight of the rider).
Max Speed
30 Mph or 48 Kph (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider).
Climbing Range
25 degrees or 40-percent depending on the amount of charge left and rider’s weight
Full colour, nighttime enhanced LED display
Voltage Cut-off with Key Lock
Braking System
Dual disk brakes (front and rear) + an Electric Braking System
8″ Wide Wheel, solid puncture-proof tyres
Front Headlight, 2x front LED lights for dusk and low light riding, red LED rear brake lights, turn indicators, 2 blue LED strips
on the sides
Max Load
280 lbs. (130 kg)
Scooter Weight
65 lbs. (29 kg)
Product Material
Aviation grade Aluminium alloy
7 inches (18 cm)
C-Type with front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorbers
Size (L x W x H cm)
Unfolded: 115 x 61 x 125
Folded: 115 x 61 x 51
Details Images
Dual motor with disc brake   of Nanrobot LIGHNING 
The Lightning ranks high on power and performance amongst other similarly-priced scooters. The scooter can deliver a max speed of 30Mph on dual mode, which also boosts its ability to tackle off-roading obstacles. Such top speeds call for an even more reliable braking system, which Nanrobot fulfilled with the installation of a robust dual braking mechanism(front and rear). The scooter is outfitted with a dual C type spring suspension, which coupled with the swing arms, offer uncompromised shock absorption and even give the scooter a nice and smooth bunny-hop while riding over obstacles.
wide wheel fat tire  of 48v800w Nanrobot Lightning Dual motor electric scooter for adults 
The 8-inch solid tyres, are specially designed with a unique pattern to provide enhanced ground grip when riding. This model is powered by a 48 V 18 A lithium battery that packs enough juice for an impressive maximum range of 25 miles. It performs exceptionally on diverse road conditions without compromising on stability. The Lightning comes outfitted with 8″ wide but low profile solid tyres. They offer wide contact and good traction resulting from
their specially designed tyre pattern. The tyres are reliable and non-inflatable, ideal for off-road terrain as they are
puncture-proof. They really are incredibly stable on urban terrain. The tyres are supplemented with a dual C-type suspension system that enhances ride quality (though not on the same level as pneumatic tyres). They are low riding and therefore increase stability by lowering the centre of gravity.

  Construction & Build Quality of Nanrobot Lightning best dual motor adult electric scooter 
The Nanrobot Lightning is assembled using aviation-grade aluminium alloy. The material is ultralight and perfect for a portable scooter. The aluminium is also heavy-duty, weather and corrosion proof ensuring the Lightning’s durability. The machine’s frame is simply crafted, with the controls and a weatherproof LED display strategically mounted on the handlebars. The electric wires are neatly concealed and are routed internally for aesthetics and safety. This minimalist look and impeccable design gives the scooter a sought-after chic look.
The scooter is easy to fold, carry and store, thanks to its simple yet effective folding mechanism that compacts the frame when folded. When unfolded, it measures 115cm by 61cm by 125cm and collapses down to 115cm by 61cm by 51cm when folded. The folded size makes it easy to tuck it into nifty spaces and corners. It has integrated LED lighting with lights at the front, rear and side.
The powerful lights are strategically placed to enhance visibility and increase safety while riding.
The 8-inch tyres, although small in thickness, they are very wide, so are incredibly effective. They give the Lightning an agile and lightweight feel when riding. The dual C-type spring suspension also adds to the smooth ride quality. The front and rear fenders come pre-installed, and they are perfectly fit with no wobbling. The fenders safeguard the wheels and protect the rider from splashes when running through puddles. It also features as a solid kickstand.

Suspension of Nanrobot Lighning Off road tire electric scooter for adults

This high-performance electric scooter boasts ergonomically designed controls that are comfortably latched onto the two
handlebars. Since this scooter comes with rear and front brakes, the brake levers are placed on both handles. The left handlebar also houses other controls, such as the key lock, horn button, signal-light buttons and on/off headlight button.
The accelerator sits to the right, alongside the clear LCD display. This latter shows the power level, ride time, battery level
speed, and more. In addition, it boasts two switches that allow riders to switch between modes.
 Lights of nanrobot lightning Foldable Adult Electric Scooter
With a max speed of 30 Mph, the Nanrobot Lightning needs an effective braking system that will bring the scooter to a smooth and precise stop when needed, without necessarily jerking the rider forward. The Lightning has record-breaking stopping power, thanks to its incorporated dual braking system; Electric Braking System, and mechanical brakes. Disc brakes offer reliability, high stopping power, and they perform in all weather conditions; while electric braking is efficient and does not require regular adjustments. Whether you’re giving the brakes a slight pull, or a hard mash, the brakes are sure to reliably bring the scooter to a haltwithout affecting the rider’s stability too much. However, some Lighting owners have reported that riders may need to lean back
during emergency braking to avoid going over the handlebars.

Controller and display of nanrobot lightning mini Foldable Adult Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot Lightning has a fantastic LCD display that shows you information such as speed, time, battery power and the power mode you are currently on. Next to the LCD is 2 buttons, one changes the power mode and the other turns the display on or off.
Next to these buttons is your accelerator lever and just underneath that you will find your brake lever.
There is also a USB charging port, where you can connect your phone (if fitted to the handlebars with the correct mount). Also, on this side of the handlebar, yet comfortably within the reach of your thumb, are your Eco and Turbo buttons which regulate the power output to the wheels, and your Single and Dual motor drive buttons.


Safety first,don't ride on the motor way and don't try to ride on red light,Drink drive is strictly prohibited and don't driving
against the traffic,For your safely and power saving,please use the first and second gear,Maximum speed should not exceed 25KM/H.Our company will not be responsible for the personal body and property damage caused by the buyer who does not drive in accordance with the rules or the excessive speed over 25km/h.
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